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Thread: Breaking GT500 news

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSE2 View Post
    Its caused much tears stateside
    I can imagine. Its a shame really as it has placed a dampener on what otherwise should have been a great story and one to celebrate. Now enthusiasts just feel short-changed by what are essentially cost-cutting measures. It doesn't help when in the other camps they are throwing the kitchen sink at cars like the C8 and other models.

    Ford Performance had initially come out of the blocks strong with so much promise and inspiration. Someone or something has changed and we are now getting Raptors powered by 2lt turbo diesels.
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    2020 GT500 Footage: Track, Drag Strip and Engine Teardown

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    Ford drive day has been run. Best times achieved by you tubers and put the media to shame.

    Lots of video out now. 10.61 quarter is the best time I have seen.

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    let me know your future USA addy to check it out, congrats by the way.
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