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Thread: Ford Performance: Speed Therapy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perko View Post
    Yeh you are 100% right. But it is not a bad thing to get a good feeling about the brand again. The Yanks get it and always have. It is their backyard. We are now an afterthought. Generic vehicle for the masses. But there were times when our ads got me going. The BA ads made me want to get back in a V8 again....and I did.

    They won't happen again, but the market has moved on from me. I accept that. The Edge would have been nice. That was probably the last decent chance to get one for the wife. Mustang is a rank outsider but I think sanity will take over.
    It's funny, it was the edge st out of all those that caught my eye.
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    In the words of a wise man: if you don't read the papers you're uninformed, if you do read the papers you're misinformed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by defective View Post
    It's funny, it was the edge st out of all those that caught my eye.
    Yes big fan. Did you see the Joey Legano Youtube review of the car?
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    I'm getting hints that Next Gen Edge will switch to the new RWD/AWD CD6.

    If that happens,
    Yanks get CD6 Explorer engines and Europe gets 2.0 diesel and 10-speed auto.

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