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Thread: BA xr6T

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    BA xr6T

    Hi all
    I Came across an old 2004 ba falcon turbo under a dusty old car cover in a shed the other day. Underneath that dusty old cover was a jewel.
    A fully optioned low km stock standard BA Turbo? (By Low km I mean= 26,000km)
    Has factory sun roof, leather trim, Ford premium sound, and even has the little box of "Ford Tissues" (with part no) that they used to put in the dash of the new vehicles. Nothing removed, modded, broken or missing and everything works, lights, radio etc.
    We drained all of the fuel out of it at the filter and put $40 bucks of fresh 98 octane in her, threw in a new battery & it fired up without an issue.
    We took it for a slow drive around the back streets and then gave it a boot full on the highway & it still powers like new..Quiet, with no rattles, squeaks or bangs.
    It has perfect paint, trim, motor, trans etc. It's just the smoothest ba xr6T I have ever seen wrapped in Velocity Blue.
    I can get it for a steal & if I did I would put it away for a decade or two & give it to my son when I croak.
    What do U think, should I get it?

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    It’s a yes from me. I think that’s pretty special.

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    Grab it !
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    Yep get it.
    Being ba, it actually has a bigger turbo then the later mods. It's a first gen

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    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I think it's pretty special too.
    I will grab it before someone else does. I would hate to see it butchered by some boy racer who doesn't appreciate what it is.

    The only thing I can see that needs replacing is the original Tires, they are not too bad & the tread is like new but they are starting to perish. I will take them off & put them away & buy another set of wheels & rubber to throw on it.

    Then I will register it.
    One other thing, it still has the standard original number plates (not personalized). But they are special too because they are Triple 8 - (888-***). I would love to tell you what the three letters on the plate are because it's pretty amazing for a standard run of the mill number plate. But here is a hint,,, back in the day, 888 Racing were using Ford BA's. So, is there any way that the Transport Dept will let me keep these plates with new Rego?
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