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Thread: F.E.N.A- Everest review.

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    pre drugs I still didn't grasp it
    Elks I know has quoted similar about the rear end.
    Besides - most regos has to be regional for you hardly see one in Sydney in my drives here there everywhere.
    The Toy company can get away with fugly designs from way back but the others have to grab the public with "looks" and the rest of package ie Mazda for eg.
    Ford's Everest could be so much better in looks at the rear.
    They need to re design its rear, rear curved in qrtrs needs a re think for starters and a nicer tail light design.
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    F.E.N.A- Everest review.

    I think out of all the duel cab Utes converted into a SUV the Everest is actually one of the better, if not the best examples design wise. I like the rear end but admit from some angles it can appear a bit top heavy.

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    Overall I do like the Everest. The rear is not its strong area but the rest of it is quite cohesive. I do like the interior. Being Ranger based it is quite good and the leather top is a nice touch. If looking for a larger vehicle I would still probably lean towards the Jeep again. I like its shape better. I know that you are not comparing apples with apples necessarily but it is still a consideration. Our next purchase for will not be this size. The wide is looking at Stinger, Mustand and Enduro so it will be interesting to see how this evolves.
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