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Thread: Another Mustang 18 dyno run

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    Providing you can drive a manual, thats fine. I know of some manual drivers that should be driving autos.

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    oh for sure visa versa regards to driver ability but but but, I guess todays world and later Gen wouldn't know how to handle a proper manual shift vehicle hence why autos rule today very very sadly, if only they knew what "real driver engagement" was but their loss.
    I can't see the point having a auto/paddle shift performance vehicle but thats another argument and not about "boring straight line speed" the posts of late are.
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
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    The best part about the new manual Mustang is the gear box, it's based on the TR6060
    which was in the FGs and a damned site better than the Transit Getrag thing Ford used previously.

    Better clutch and shifter will also go a long way towards improving shift quality and connection with the car. Just my opinion but with the closer ratio box, Ford could have made the 3.73 gear set standard and given us some cracker 4.11s with the sports pack to really liven it up.

    Yeah I know, can't show up the Shelby GT350......

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