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Thread: I bought a Toyota!

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    Oh what a feeling!

    Too soon?

    History is a statement, the future is a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WASP View Post
    Out of curiosity, besides not being manual what were your reservations about the Everest? Too small?
    Mainly the lack of a clutch, they seem a nice car. I also prefer minimal computer intervention.

    The other great thing about the 76 is it doesn't ding too much at you.

    Rear track width can be fixed I plan to see how it goes. I found the seats comfy enough, easy to replace if they suck. 130L tank with a combined 10.3L/100km I think it's a pretty efficient car (at least by my garage standards)

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    Correct GTF449, everything can be corrected to suit for those inclined.
    My client put in his 76 some other brand fitting seat for he'll be using it alot for R&D for their main product line - (chassis for vans/trailers)......
    They have had prado's < love them 80 100 200series < love them, fuel is not their concern its doing the towing and 4x4 abilities and less hassles.

    RW, correct re the Y61 Patrol, only available in petrol, its just loves using massive amounts of fuel and hence why they not care of Aussie sales, they not having a diesel available kills it here (don't know how the average consumer affords it), left it to toyota and selling countless more Y61's in the middle east instead.
    Both the 200 and Y61 are mad to drive - like driving from your lounge room.
    YNWA ! off to CL 2018.
    Sydney is Sky Blue HAL Premiers/Champions 2017 - the Double.

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