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Thread: Report links Ford with F1 turbo era return

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    Report links Ford with F1 turbo era return

    ...but it's an old article.

    Report links Ford with F1 turbo era return

    30 May, 2013

    Ford badgeSpeed Week has named Ford as a potential candidate to return to Formula 1 after the new V6 trubo engine rules become de rigeur in 2014.

    Honda, having pulled out at the end of 2008, has already announced its return with McLaren in 2015, but Toyota and BMW have denied speculation they are also tempted by the sport’s incoming, automobile industry-relevant engine rules.

    Speed Week, however, is now mentioning Ford.

    Ford bought Sir Jackie Stewart’s team in 1999, rebranding it Jaguar Racing, but pulling out of Formula 1 at the end of 2004.

    The Milton Keynes based team was subsequently sold to current champions Red Bull. (GMM)

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    It sure would be good for ol times sake seeing Ford powa back in F1.
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    I'd like to see ford return. I have always wondered why they weren't racing in the top echelon of motor sport. It would renew my interest in what is now a very dull n boring category. The v6 just doesn't have that same ring to it. Miss Weber, but Ric is doing a good job. It be nice see to ford mix with best

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    Awesome, just like the mid '90s when Ford's little V8 bitchslapped Renault's V10 & Ferrari's V12.

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    With Ford's current mindset I can't see them spending the big dollars it takes to be even a presence in F1 let alone a competitive one.
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