View Full Version : Fordís new Taurus Police Interceptor outperforms

10th October 2012, 07:28 AM
Speeders beware: Fordís new Taurus Police Interceptor outperforms rivals Fordís cancellation of its Crown Victoria means law enforcement officials have to rethink their police car fleet purchases. To fill the void, General Motorsí Chevrolet has introduced its police-ready Caprice, Dodge has updated its Charger and Ford ó wanting to hold on to its sales-dominant position in the segment ó has come out with its Taurus Police Interceptor. To give police departments some objective purchase advice, the Michigan State Police annually rank the bad-guy-chasing vehicles in acceleration, braking and vehicle dynamics tests. And from a report on Jalopnik.com, the Ford sedan is the top performer. While the GM and Dodge vehicles use rear-wheel-drive and eight-cylinder engines, the Taurus uses a turbocharged six and all-wheel drive.