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11th October 2016, 09:45 AM
I just thought Iíd put down a quick review down of the car Iíve been driving for the past year and a bit. I wanted out of my previous car which was a Focus ST, donít get me wrong it was a fun and quick car, but I just wasnít using it enough for what it was made for, I really just needed a car to get to work and back and to run to Brissie and back every now and then.

I sold the Focus privately and bought an ex Ford employee Fiesta Sport manual with the sports pack. Yep, I halved the 2.0L to 1.0L and lost a cylinder but kept the turbo. Performance wise the Fiesta is nowhere near the Focus, not even a Fiesta ST. But the little 3 pot turbo is a great little engine, I really enjoy it. It has a heap of torque for around town and on the highway at 110km you donít need to get out of top gear, itís got enough push for overtaking when you need it.

For features I didnít lose a lot from the Focus, I still go rain sensing wipers, auto lights, climate control, keyless push button start, partial leather trim, SONY high output stereo, SYNC, emergency assist, leather wheel, reverse sensing 16Ē alloys, sports suspension, rear wing, perimeter alarm and ambient lighting. I do miss a reverse camera, itís the only thing that lets down the Fiestaís list of great features. I can always get one later fitted.

Handling wise, I still donít know if there is a bread and butter car out there with as good handling and steering as the Fiesta. Ford are the masters at this.
So if you are chasing a run about with a bit of fun donít go past the Fiesta Sport and put it on your shopping list!

It surprises me too, if I take someone in it that has never been in a Fiesta or Ford in fact, they always are impressed and want to know more about it.

Ford also made a Formula Ford with this engine, no internal changes, they put the Fiesta ST turbo on it and I'm sure other bits and bobs. See the video below, it sounds awesome:


11th October 2016, 09:54 AM
Awesome. Thanks

11th October 2016, 02:53 PM
I love that Eco-Boost road going Formula Ford! Thank you also or the review. We have a Fiesta and the handling is outstanding, and well compensates for the lack of power. I have driven a Eco-Sport with the 1.0 turbo is was very impressive. Much better than I was anticipating.

12th October 2016, 10:43 AM
I just wanted to say as well voice control isn't just a selling tool. I love music and have a pretty big portable hard drive in my usb. I can ask for and album or artist without scrolling through the whole library and taking my eyes of the road.

It's such an awesome feature and doesn't get talked about much. It would be hard for me not to want it in my next car..