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16th May 2015, 08:17 AM

REFUELING WILL return to Formula 1 in 2017 after being banned since the end of 2009. This was one of the decisions made by the Formula One Strategy Group in an effort to improve the show. The strategy group consists of the top six teams, the FIA, and the commercial rights holder represented by Bernie Ecclestone.

After debating a number of ideas, the group agreed on the following.

For 2016:

- Free choice of the two dry tyre compounds (out of four) that each team can use during the race weekend. Currently Pirelli makes the decisions and selects two compounds for each race for all teams.

For 2017:

- Faster cars: 5 to 6 seconds drop in lap times through aerodynamic rules evolution, wider tyres and reduction of car weight.

- Reintroduction of refueling (maintaining a maximum race fuel allowance).

- Higher revving engines and increased noise.

- More aggressive looks.

Ideas to undergo further discussion include: A global reflection on race weekend format, measures to make starts only activated by the driver without any outside assistance and cost cutting.

On the engine side, it was decided that stability of the rules should prevail in consideration of the investments of the manufacturers involved in the sport and to give visibility to potential new entrants. The allowance for a fifth engine to be used during the 2015 season was rejected.

Dan Knutson

17th May 2015, 11:35 AM
i like the free tyre choice rule. motogp have had a similar system for years, with the riders being able to choose between a couple of compounds for the race. that should free up a few more strategy options, although most teams will still end up with similar tyres i'm guessing. it will help with teams that struggle to get certain compounds to work for them, but are quick on other compounds.

faster cars is great, but it depends how they go about it. the reason they aren't as fast over a lap, is due to the reduction in aero. power wise they are still right up there, and straight line speed is not much different, its just that with the continual reduction in aero, to try to get the cars to follow better and to be less stable, the mid corner speeds have dropped. to gain back that 6 seconds through aero, you will likely also create situations where the cars don't follow each other too well.

higher revving engines is a bit of a farce. they don't use all the revs available now, as peak torque and power is developed much lower with these hybrid powertrains. the limit was raised back to 15000rpm (from 12000rpm) to try to solve the noise issue, but teams aren't using the extra revs as there is no benefit. if they are keeping the engines the same, then increasing the rev limit is a waste of time.

looks are subjective. why mess around with them too much. who decides what is a good look, and what isn't? my desktop is a front on pic of a 2012 ferrari F1 car, complete with high nose and skinny tall rear wing. i love it. others don't agree. there is no right or wrong to how a F1 car should look. rather than decide on a 'look' they should work with the engineers and work out what design will make them fast, and be able to follow another car, and then figure out how a 'look' can incorporate that.

17th June 2015, 10:24 PM
Awesome Oleg

Cant wait to see it hit the track once racing season opens back up

What is the weather like right now for you??